Web Site Backup

Imagine being able to recover from a total web site crash in hours rather than days or weeks, if ever! Lots of bad things can happen to a web site...

  • A careless mistake can overwrite important files.
  • Hackers might compromise your site.
  • Web host equipment can fail, hard drives crash, etc.

With a backup, you can quickly restore all or part of your site if anything happens.

Our backup service automatically delivers a complete copy of your web site via email or download... you decide how and when you get your backups. And it's a bargain compared to what it might take to rebuild your site!

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Why Web Site Backup Is SO Important

How would you like to receive this message from your web hosting company's support department?

"My admin attempted to repair it [a database table], but it was corrupted beyond repair. We brought back the backup from yesterday, but it, too, was corrupted. There's nothing further we can do."

This could have been a disaster. But the client  was prepared with a backup copy! She limited her loss to 4 days' worth of data rather than all of it. This happened at an otherwise very reliable web hosting company - one where most of their customers have a reliable broadband internet connection - but because they only keep one day of backups and it took a few days to discover the problem, it was too late.

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Assess Your Backup Situation

The importance of having a backup can't be overstated. How effectively could you recover from a total web site crash? Here are some ideas on assessing your backup situation.

  • Ask your web hosting company how often your data is backed up, and how many copies they keep.
  • Ask your web developer for a copy of your web site files, including originals of licensed photos, artworks in their original file formats, and any special fonts used to create logos, header graphics, etc.
  • Back up your database. If your web hosting has a control panel, look for something like phpMyAdmin or database administration. If you can't find it, ask your web hosting support department if it's available and if so, how to get to and use it.
  • Back up the parts that may not be in your control, like your blog, newsletter subscribers, etc. What if those providers suddenly lose connection to the internet, or get hacked? Check your administration area for an export or backup feature, or contact the provider's support department and ask if such a feature is available.
  • A very last resort would be to visit each web page, use your browser's save feature and hope for the best.

We offer our backup service to help meet your needs. If you need help figuring out what you need, let us know - we're happy to assist!