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Sample Web Site Evaluation Report

From: Emily Bloss,
Date: January 16, 2017
RE: Web Site Evaluation For

Thank you for having us take a look at your web site. This report is designed to be easy to understand, with simple explanations of what we looked at and how it can affect your site. For this evaluation, we looked at your home page (and perhaps a few others), and reported areas where your home page may be junked up with errors or available to those up to no good.



Hidden errors may be lurking on your home page - here we've revealed the little buggers.

* HTML Validation Errors: 3

HTML is the "language" of web pages, and as with any language, there's a proper way to speak it, but even if it's not 100% correct, most people can still understand. Your web pages can have some "grammar" errors and still look right to most people. BUT! For some people your web pages may not display as intended, and some errors can prevent the search engines from reading all of your content. You have 3 errors which are very minor and easy to fix by adding a little bit of text to describe each image on your home page.

* Javascript Errors: 2

Javascript makes your pages do stuff, like error checking or displaying a fancy menu. Unfortunately, there are differences in how web browsers understand certain commands, and these differences can make your website less usable for some visitors. Your site has a couple of errors that may make portions of the menu disappear for some visitors, such as those using Opera.

* Broken Links: 0

Congratulations! You have no broken links, which means any time a person clicks on something from your home page, the destination is a working web page.

* Spelling:

Your site has been submitted to for a sample spell checking report. You will receive a separate email from for the spell check, so please be sure to look for an email from them.


Spammers like to use automated programs to gather email addresses from web pages. You can protect your email address by making it invisible to the email harvesting programs and still usable by your web site visitors.

* Unprotected Email Addresses: 1

We found one vulnerable email address on your contact page.


How will they find you and how long will it take to see your home page?

* Meta Tag Content:

Meta tags help search engines and visitors to quickly understand your site. There are three of these tags which are very important and should be included on every page of your site: title (usually appears as the clickable link in search engine results), description (a quick explanation of what the web page is about) and keywords (words people might use to try and find your web site). Your meta tags are:

- Title: Welcome to Sample Company!

- Description: This is a description of our web site. It may appear in the search engine results.

- Keywords: sample, evaluation, report, fix web site errors, website problems

* Web Page Size: 62,256 bytes

Knowing the size of your web page is important because you want your pages to load fast. On the web, you have less than 10 seconds to make an impression on a visitor, and if your web page isn't showing something by then, you risk losing visitors who will just click through to a site where they don't have to wait. Below is a listing of how long it might take to load your page on various internet connection types:

Connection Rate - Approximate Download Time
56K modem - 15.61 seconds
ISDN 128K - 7.00 seconds
Cable modem/T1 1.44Mbps - 3.53 seconds


Here are some other sites you may find useful when evaluating your web site. -
A collection of tools to measure all kinds of things about your marketing. Be sure to check out the Website Grader.

dnScoop -
Domain and site value tool, plus some other stuff.


Here we share our comments about your site. This is a personalized service, so we actually put our eyeballs on your site to see how things measure up and offer assistance as appropriate. We can't help every site but we're willing to take a look and give you an honest evaluation.

We also want you to know we aren't looking to replace your webmaster - we're happy to work with other web site professionals on the common purpose of improving your web site. Our primary goals are awareness and education of issues today's web site owners are facing. If you're looking for a reliable company to do maintenance work on your web site, we can probably do that, too, depending on how your site is set up.

For more information about these issues, please visit our web site at and let us know of any comments or questions. On the sample page, there's a resources section which can help answer questions and provide information for the "do-it-yourselfers" out there.

If you would like us to provide an estimate for your cleanup project, let us know of your interest by reply to this email, phone, or via our web site. Thank you and have a great day!

Emily & Travis
Spring Hill, Florida (USA)

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